Theater Tech 

Aaron’s affinity for sound and lighting technologies ignited during his early years when, at just ten years old, he assumed the role of sound operator at his local church. Outshining the adults he apprenticed under in less than a month, Aaron swiftly grasped the complexities of these systems and improved the process and experience for all involved. Through dedicated learning and hands-on experience, he has cultivated this passion into expertise. Today, he shares his profound knowledge with a wide range of productions and events, from intimate gatherings to grand-scale theatrical presentations.

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, theater productions are being redefined by cutting-edge technologies, with sound and lighting playing pivotal roles in creating immersive experiences. As traditional boundaries continue to blur, seamless integration of lighting and sound has become a hallmark of contemporary theater. Aaron’s insights into this evolving paradigm allow him to offer invaluable contributions to productions of all scales.

In an era where technology and creativity are inextricably linked, Aaron’s consultancy and programming services emerge as a guiding light for productions seeking to elevate their performances. By leveraging his deep understanding of sound and lighting technologies, combined with an acute awareness of the trends shaping modern theater, Aaron brings an exceptional blend of innovation and artistry to every production he collaborates with.

He is currently the Creative and Technology Director of Audience Spark!, a technology-driven, AI-powered audience inclusion company forges new paths of interaction and real-time audience participation.