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  • Review: Life of Pi

    Review: Life of Pi

    Discover my review of ‘Life of Pi’ on Broadway, experienced through a pro-shot of the West End production by National Theatre Live. Find out why it’s a must-see play with exceptional puppetry, stunning sets, and an emotionally moving story. Don’t miss this remarkable theatrical achievement. #LifeofPi #NationalTheatreLive #WestEnd #Broadway

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  • Review: & Juliet

    Review: & Juliet

    Discover the surprising and inclusive world of & Juliet, a jukebox musical that reimagines the fate of Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. With catchy pop songs and a trans subplot, this innovative take challenges societal norms and celebrates diversity. Find out more here.

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  • Review: Tight Five

    Review: Tight Five

    Discover the captivating play Tight Five, where a stand-up comedian faces a terminal diagnosis, and a stranger promises her a new lease on life. Don’t miss the exceptional performances by Jennifer Downes and Priyanka Krishnan, as they navigate a mysterious and emotional journey. Presented by New Ambassadors Theatre Company at Hudson Guild Community Works.

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  • Review: The Creeps (Opening Night)

    Review: The Creeps (Opening Night)

    Discover the unique and engaging world of The Creeps, a show that thrives on audience participation. Find out how an engaged audience adds to the production.

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  • Review: Shucked

    Review: Shucked

    Looking for a corny, pun-filled show that will leave you entertained? Read this review of Shucked, a delightful production with memorable songs and a talented cast.

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