Improv Coach 

Aaron started improv in the mid-90’s when he stumbled across a PAL-format video cassette from England of a strange little show called Whose Line Is It Anyway? He was hooked after that and devoured the show by having a friend in London record the show and mail him the tapes when they were full.

Raised in a small village in rural Ohio, surrounded by religion and small-town traditions, Aaron was largely unaware of the huge world of improv, comedy and even performing outside of his small circle of influence. Aaron and his friends were the improv scene in his area. Mastering the short, game-show type forms popularized by Whose Line, Aaron and his small team of improvisers, The Make-Em Ups, performed for schools, corporate events and parties.

He continued to perform short-form until he went to college and was introduced to long-form improv, which he found fascinating because of the sheer number of stories that could be created on the spot. Entire worlds and characters created and explored in 15-60 minutes adventures!

Over the past two years, Aaron has formalized his improv training with classes at Magnet Theater and UCB, expanding his performing repertoire into musical improv, the impressive skill to be able to make up an entire musical on the fly. He has had the honor of studying under the likes of Michael Lutton, Louis Kornfeld, Rick Andrews, Megan Gray, Frank Spitznagel, Armando Diaz and Sarah Smallwood Parsons.

Aaron has taught Improv 101 and Improv 201 at Fountain House, a psychosocial clubhouse in Manhattan, helping individuals with severe mental illness diagnoses utilize improv as means of empowerment and confidence-building.

Aaron is available as an improv coach for indie teams, both musical and non-musical.