Review: The Creeps (Opening Night)

Opening night for The Creeps felt like a different show compared to the first preview I reviewed previously, and that’s because this is a show that thrives on audience participation. Way more than any other show I’ve ever experienced. Creator and lone performer in the show, Catherine Waller is a great improvisor, but improvisors really can only work with the material they are given, and some audiences are more giving than others.

Tonight’s was very generous. The show moved along at a clip I hadn’t seen yet. Full disclosure, I am the head usher for this show, and I’ve seen every performance so far. Some with great audience interaction (like tonight) and some, not so much. The shows in which the audience is not involved, skeptical, or unsure if they are “allowed” to participate go slow and can sometimes be awkward. It’s amazing was an engaged audience adds to this production.

If you come see The Creeps, now playing at Playhouse 46 at St. Luke’s, and want a unique, engaging show, get involved. You’ll thank me.