Review: The Shark is Broken

Clocking in with no intermission at 95 minutes, The Shark is Broken was able to hold my attention from start to finish. From the mesmerizing but subtle rocking of the boat to the spot-on performances by the actors, I was entertained from start to finish.

Each of the movie actors portrayed, Alex Brightman as Richard Dreyfuss, Colin Donnell as Roy Scheider, and Ian Shaw not only making his Broadway debut, but doing so portraying his father, Robert Shaw.

In a play centered on egos, legacies, life choices, addiction, and conflicts, The Shark is Broken delves into much more than the well-known filming setbacks of the popular shark film. Poignant moments arise as they engage in card games, consume alcohol, and dispute their placement on the movie poster when a copy unexpectedly surfaces.

With occasional jabs at Spielberg’s future works (“who would make an alien movie!?”), the show maintains a good pace without getting weighed down by trying to be too important.

For me, the best part was seeing Alex Brightman again.

There were no magnets for sale.